Montessori Method

Mind and Movement are two pars of a single cycle and movement is the superior expression… it is essential for our new education that mental development be connected with movement and dependent on it“.

Maria Montessori The Montessori environment is designed to provide freedom for the child and, at the same time, offers attractive materials to work with. Tables and chairs can be moved and thus provide different possibilities for many activities and the freedom to move. There are chairs, small sofas or mats on the floor where the children can sit and work comfortably.

The materials are on shelves divided in areas: Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Art, Botany, Library etc. The teacher gives a clear presentation of each of the materials to a child or a group of children. They can then work with any of the presented materials as long as they wish.

The Montessori environment is ordered and well-planned; each material has its own place and was designed for a specific task or a particular difficulty.
The child works with the materials happily and in a concentrated way and he/she will repeat the exercise until the specific aim is reached; then he/she will move on to the next challenge. The built-in error control causes the child to work independently with the materials and to learn to discover his/her own possibilities and limits by himself/herself.

During the morning the children are allowed, according to individual needs, to go to the snack table and, together with other children, enjoy a healthy snack. In addition to the work with the Montessori materials, the teachers organize activities like singing, story-telling and language activities.

Every day the children have the opportunity to play at the playground where interesting activities take place: gardening, working in our workshop, organized games and the possibility to run and move freely. At lunchtime, children set a beautiful table and have a hot meal together. Lunchtime is a very important part of the schedule; here children learn table manners and social skills.
Extra-curricular activities (gym, music and movement etc.) take place at IMK depending on availability of teachers and number of children.

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