IMK Curriculum

Cultural knowledge includes a selection of materials known as the „keys to culture“ which cover activities in the areas of geography, history, science and nature. This cultural knowledge gives the child a view of the world; different people and cultures and how much alike people’s basic needs are.

The child’s natural curiosity is stimulated through the different discovery projects and experiments offered in the Montessori classroom on such topics as the kingdom of animals and plants. This helps to raise the consciousness and create a tolerant and respectful attitude towards all people of the world and to foster love and appreciation of living things.

To develop a sense of time and space is the first step to understand history. In the Montessori classroom children learn about time in accordance with their daily activities: the clock, day and night, the calendar etc. Montessori created the very special „Time Lines“ offering the children !

a clear way to get aware of the continuum of time. As an initial activity, when working with time lines the children begin by making a time line of their own lives, starting with their baby pictures.