Calendar for 2018 / 2019              

Monat / month

Datum / date

Aktivität / activity

 September 2018

 Tuesday, 4th

 Thursday, 27th

  First day of kindergarden

  Parent teacher night I

 October 2018

 Wednesday, 3rd

 Tuesday, 16th

 Sunday, 28th

 German Unification Day (Holiday)

 Craft Evening I

Daylight Saving Time

 November 2018

 Thursday, 1st

 Friday, 9th

All Saint’s Day (Holiday)

 Saint Martin´s walk

 December 2018

 Saturday 1 st

  Thursday, 6th

 Monday, 24th

 until Friday, 4th

 Christmas market Sulzgries

 Saint Nicholas                      

 Christmas break

 January 2019

Tuesday, 1st

Sunday, 6th

Monday, 7th

Saturday, 26th

 New Year (Holiday)

 The Three Magi (Holiday)

First day of kindergarden in 2019

Winterparty kindergarden

February 2019


 March 2019

Friday, 1st

 Tuesday, 19th

 Sunday, 31th


 Craft Evening II

 Daylight Saving Time

 April 2019

 Thursday, 4th

 Thursday, 19th

 Friday, 19th

 Monday, 22nd

 Parent teacher night II

Easter Egg hunting

 Good Friday – no kindergarden (Holiday)  

 Easter Monday – no kindergarden      


 May 2019

 Wednesday, 1st

 Sunday, 12th

  Monday, 13th  until

 Friday, 17th

 Monday, 20th  until

 Friday, 24th

 Thursday, 30th

 Labor Day (Holiday)

 Mother´s Day

 Nature Week I


 Nature Week II


 Ascension Day – no kindergarden                        


 June 2019

Monday, 10th

 Tuesday, 11th  until

 Friday, 14th

  Thursday, 20th

Pentecost Monday – no kindergarden      


 Kindergarden Holiday

 Corpus Christi – no kindergarden (Holiday)

July 2019

 Friday, 5th to

 Saturday, 6th

 Saturday, 13th

Sleepover pre-schoolers

International picnic

August 2019

Monday, 12th until        

Friday, 31th

 Summer break

 September 2019

 Tuesday, 3rd

 First day of kindergarden

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