Our teachers share a common philosophy and dedication to the Montessori educational experience.

Our teachers regularly organise conferences with all the parents individually in order to speak about each child’s development and behaviour.


Cornelia Brendel

Kindergarten directress / Educator with Montessori Diploma

2011-2016  Montessori Kinderhaus in Waiblingen

2015   Qualified instructor for observations

2012-2014  Montessori qualification in Gerlingen

2009-2010  Trained child- youth and family adviser

Rebecca Matziris

Educator and remedial teacher with Montessori-Diploma (Montessori Vereinigung e.V. Sitz Aachen)

2001-2007 worked as a team leader in the Montessori Kinderhaus Stuttgart Mitte e.V.

2008-2012 extra-occupational further aducation as remedial teacher

since 2012 specialized in integrational work in Esslingen


Carrie Drummond

Assistant teacher / english native speaker

2009-2010 English Language Trainer Strasbourg, France

2011-2013 Customer Services U.K

2013-2014 English Language Teacher Seoul, South Korea

2014-2015 English Instructor Stuttgart, Germany

Elisabeth Rinder

Educator in probationary year





Jana Kobilansky

1999 Educator graduation, Vechta
2001-2004 Montessori Diploma course, AMI in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
2001-2006 Educator in IMK, Esslingen
2006-2008 Team leader, Zürich, Schweiz
2008-2011 Parental leave
Since 2011 Educator in IMK, Esslingen